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Gold Always Denial

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The rally is still just a dead-cat-bounce. The gold promoters are never wrong. When it goes down, it is always by some evil force and it is NEVER real except the losses. When it goes up, see they are always right. This is people’s assets they do not respect. This is NOT analysis – it is propaganda.

Analysis is never biased. It must call the shots up or down. It is absurd to always be bullish and whenever it does down, they talk it up even more ignoring what happened and creating excuses why it is not real.

Manipulations are isolated events. Not whole sector movements. There was major liquidation by major players and ETFs. Call it what you will. But the losses are real.

Even the Bible says there is a TIME to buy and a TIME to sell.  Buy only is nonsense and its not analysis. Support is at 1310-1335 resistance is still at 1390 on closing basis.

In order for the bull market to resume, we must silence this rhetoric.and everything must be in place. Gold does NOT trade in isolation.