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Gold – A Time for Everything

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I really appreciate all the work you do and make accessible to the common man.  Anyway, you keep saying gold will really take off in 2015/2016 which corresponds to a downturn in the ECM.  Since we are now in a downturn until 2014 albeit minor, why is gold going down and not rising if only slightly?

Thanks for your time and consideration.


ANSWER: Gold is basing – not falling apart. Moving sideways in a bear market is the equivalent of a rally. The old saying, what will not go up, goes down twice as hard. This applies to gold. Gold keeps falling below 1300 because it will test the 1000 level and probably reach between there and 900. This is a question of time more than price. We are preparing the 2014 report now. Just as the Bible says – there is a time for everything.