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Global Warming Why it is Nonsense

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A few people have written to say I have a closed mind with respect to the impact humans can have on the environment. I dare say flip the coin – you are assuming we have the capacity to alter the planet as if we were God. I have investigated this very carefully. Like markets, yes you can manipulate them within the trend, but you cannot change a bear market into a bull market at will. The same is true for the global environment.



We can poison a local area, dump garbage in the river, and we can even meltdown nuclear power plants. However, this is like cutting your finger – it is not cutting your head off and you will survive. We cannot look at local pollution which is nasty and can make the air hard to breath in an industrial city. However, that does not rise to the level of altering the environment of the entire planet. Granted, we should be clean and respectful. As the old saying goes – you do not shit where you eat.

But there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence whatsoever that the planet is going through some warming stages created by mankind. That is total nonsense. This is like the Precession of the Equinox that takes 25,800 years to complete and to move just one degree takes 72 years. This is why one person could never have made such an observation.


I have reviewed the cyclical discoveries of Sallie Baliunas. Ice core samples were taken going back thousands of years and what was discovered is that the sun is indeed a thermal dynamic system that beats like your heart and there is a 300 year cycle between maximum and minimum. Do not confuse short-term trends or local observations for a few decades and assume we have altered the entire planet.

I attended the dinner in Washington that was a political bash. I went with my friend Dick Fox who was Chairman of Temple University at that time.  The person in charge of seating put the two of us at the table with the environmental group heads. They assumed we were with a university and spoke freely. The conversation was frank and it was all about how to use the environmental movement to reduce population. They fought for wetlands to stop construction. We listened to this revelation and Dick egged them on pretending to be on their side. They even want harsh prison terms for minorities to stop them from have children. Dick finally asked them – Whose grandchild are you trying to prevent from being born? Your’s or mine? The farce was then up.

There is a difference from wanting a clean environment and using this as a tool for a hidden agenda. It is no different from taxing the rich that ends up as always the middle class while they borrow from the poor and do not even pay them interest with their annual tax refund.

To top it off, people ASSUME that we even have the power with nuclear bombs to destroy then planet. That is probably not even likely. They also assume that if we set one-off all life will be dead forever. They make a lot of assumptions based upon a guess that is NOT even EDUCATED.

Wildlife has defied Chernobyl radiation. It appears that living creatures do adapt in an amazing manner (not changing species) such as we have grown taller and live longer. The radiation area that has been abandoned by humans has turned into a natural animal preserve. The Black Plague killed more than 50% of the European population at the time, yet the survivors were immune. The same has been shown with radiation. Some animals have adapted to the radiation levels and not just vanished (see BBC report).

We can impact a local area, but we CANNOT alter the course of the entire planet. On that score, we are but a pimple on a fly’s ass. So until I see HARD evidence beyond assumptions for a few decades, I will keep it real. We can not alter the trend of a market anymore than we can change the environment of the entire world.