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Global Warming – Fraud to Raise Taxes?

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More and more info is starting to surface how they have been “adjusting” this data on global warming to service political agendas. Those in government could care less about such things. But hey, if they can use it to create “carbon” taxes, hell – count they in. This is the real problem with global warming. We have to face reality. EVERY computer model that won the Noble prize in economics failed right after getting the award. That was the result of Black–Scholes right after that model resulted in Long-Term Capital Management debacle Much as been written about these disasters constructed on bad data and data that lacked the time depth. Testing back to 1971 doomed the Black–Scholes models. We are facing the same crisis as it is now showing that the data is manipulated to serve a political agenda of raising more taxes – as always. These people would just adopt communism and say it is all theirs take it and get this over with.