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Global Warming Being Exposed as a Fraud

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Gore-Hot Air

Global Warming seems to be in the same category with gold in the hands of the promoters – bedtime stories for children. Seven years ago former US Vice-President Al Gore’s warned everyone that the Arctic ice would be gone by now. Obama even wanted a commission to see if we could build a machine to reverse what does not exist. Talk about a typical government job. Indeed, these people build bridges when there is not even a river or gully to cross.

The British press seem to be more honest than American, especially after Snowden. In fact, The British Daily Mail is reporting that not only was this forecast of Al Gore dead WRONG, the ice cap has actually expanded for a second year in row covering 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago and it is also thicker!

The satellite images were taken from University of Illinois’s Cryosphere project that shows the ice has become even more concentrated. Yet they want to regulate cow farting. Honestly, if politicians actually believe this nonsense is debatable. Whatever the issue seems to be will only be a concern if there is more tax revenue to be justified. They will not outlaw smoking because they get tax revenues yet under the same theory they should ban it if this was about public concern.

Global Warming has been a fantastic excuse to raise taxes and now regulate cow farting in Europe. How about eliminating all the hot air created by worthless government programs? If we eliminated career politicians and voted from our laptops on every initiative, think of all the limousines that would not be driving them around and special plane flights for their vacations.