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Global Market Watch – Clarification

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IBM-W 11-6-2013

QUESTION: “… can you please comment on how an equity like IBM has “STRONG” , in dark green for the weekly….And has “MOVING HIGHER” in Lt Red for the monthly?”

ANSWER: With GMW you must understand that this is dissecting every market according to time. You can have a market that is bullish daily and weekly and the background can be dark green. However, the overall major trend may still be down so the monthly level can be MOVING HIGHER with a Lt Red background. So often you get people saying the market low has been made and now the rally is underway. How many times have the Goldbugs done that. This slices a market according to time. It plays one level against another. Therefore, you can ascertain real changes in trend from reactions.

Keep in mind that this is NOT a trading tool. It is an alert system to give you a view of the market. Eventually, you will then be able to click on a market and then get the detailed GMW for that market and the computer written report.

We will be establishing a per click access. So you can buy clicks in a bulk manner and look at whatever you like.

Nothing is ever 100%. Keep in mind this is not using cycles or reversals. This is a pattern recognition model. We are working to improve this as well. The patterns it records is applicable in all markets. We will be publishing back tests in things like the Dow Jones Industrials back before the Great Depression to illustrate how it performed. We test this showing a pattern number for each comment. In this manner, we are able to see the same precise pattern takes place in various markets over time.