Glen Downs Joining Our Blog

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Glen Downs is a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill working there for nearly 30 years. Glen sees what is coming and is also deeply concerned. He will be the first to tell you Congress will do nothing to prevent anything. While Glen is not into the forecasting role, he is behind the curtain and will share his observations as to what is really going on. The political commentators far too often make-up-stuff thinking they know what is going on. They talk to only the surface, rarely to the deep camp behind the curtain. But as we move into 2015.75, things are going to get really bad.



I have known Glen for many years. This is a major step for most people just go for the money role of lobbying. Glen wants to contribute to society, which is why we have been friends. I am greatly proud to announce that Glen will begin with providing inside interviews for this blog from the Hill.