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Getting Off the Grid – Cars as Well

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COMMENT: Dear Martin,

Some anecdotal evidence of money moving “off grid” in the UK.

I like to take good care of my car, detailing it etc. myself. I like to check in to a detailing website called ‘Detailing World’ where many pros post up their jobs on classic, high-end, sports cars.

Quite a number of them over the last year or so are wondering quite why the values of these cars are going through the roof, seemingly quite quickly, rather than gradually. Here’s one example from a few days back:

“Cars of this standard now would fetch £300,000 as of today. Classic Ferrari’s have gone mental in the last 2yrs, they’ve really rocketed up – the Ferrari F40 I posted a while back was sold for £565,000 – same car is worth £625k+ now just a few months later.”

This certainly appears to be evidence of money moving “off grid”. We don’t all of a sudden have a big increase in the number of classic car enthusiasts…



REPLY: It is unfolding in everything tangible. Government just do not get it. They are in serious trouble and the top 10% (free thinkers not richest) are moving be it stamps, coins, cars, art, real estate, whatever. One Roman coin that was estimated at $20,000 just went for $70,000. This is getting very very interesting to watch.