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Germany Gives List of 10,000+ Greeks with Swiss Accounts

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The Guardian has reported that the hunt for money is indeed in full swing. Germany has now handed Greece the names of more than 10,000 Greeks who they say are dodging taxes with holdings in Swiss banks. These people are destroying the world economy and cannot even see what they are doing.

USA Net Cap 1960-1990 Annotated

What rebuilt the world economy after World War II was the free flow of capital and overseas investment. The USA had 76% of the total world capital. It was the investment outside the USA which restored the world economy. These politicians are now reversing the process destroying everything by raising taxes and hunting anyone with money outside their own country, This is PRECISELY the reverse position of what created the world economy and now we are in a contraction mode that no amount of QE will reverse. We can see that net capital outflow weakened the dollar, but it rebuilt the world economy. We have now completely reversed that trend and this is part of the deflation.

Politicians will NEVER listen nor will they even consider the future. All they care about is maintaining their power currently. They have no conception of what they are doing and are ignorant of connecting any dots. Nobody asks why the youth unemployment is in the 50% range and they will never consider that just perhaps their policies are destroying our future.