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German TV Exposes – Goldman Sachs – a bank ruling the world

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Goldman Sachs – a bank ruling the world

 The decline and fall of New York City as the financial capital of the world losing that distinction to London with Hong Kong nipping at its heal for 2nd place, the corruption within NYC is tainting the image of the United States right down to the Presidency. With NYC bankers remaining the notorious “Untouchables” as they are known globally, their days are numbered far more than anyone realizes. It does not help NYC’s image when the dark corners in which the NY bankers hide are being exposed on German TV.


Hardly a bank has thus become like Goldman Sachs became a symbol of excess and rampant speculation in the financial world in recent years, the U.S. investment bank is excessive profit maximization. The business practices of Goldman Sachs usually remain hidden.

In the documentary “Goldman Sachs – a bank directs the world” throw the French journalist Jerome and Marc Roche Fritel a look behind the facade of the banking empire. Dropouts, politicians, bankers and journalists tell, as with the global strategies of Goldman Sachs morale falls by the wayside.

How does the complex system of Goldman Sachs? Both in the U.S. and Europe sit former top bankers of the company in key positions in the financial world. The list ranges from the current ECB chief Mario Draghi on the designated director of the British Fed Mark Carney up to the former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The Goldman Sachs kept with the rescue of AIG, billions losses and let the competitor Lehman Brothers go bankrupt.

The authors also highlight the business of the Bank and its political consequences. How Goldman Sachs helped the Greek government in 2002 with currency deals to a debt reduction of the household. By this cosmetic procedure in the balance sheet the disastrous financial situation of Greece was laminated. The Greeks pay for it to this day – a total of several hundred million euros.

The documentary also shows the consequences of the scandal surrounding the securities Abacus 2007-AC1, in which Goldman Sachs speculated against their own customers. An example of dubious business practices of the bank. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission saw it as a fraud and sued Goldman Sachs for the first time: The case ended with a settlement of more than half a billion dollars – a record amount. Goldman Sachs escaped as a judicial process.

Through the world’s unique links with former Goldman Sachs banker at key positions of international financial policy and assets of over 716 billion euros, Goldman Sachs has more than one bank. Goldman Sachs has long been a global power.

Film by Jérôme Fritel and Marc Roche