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Geopolitical Chaos

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Our Cycle of War has gathered countless emails asking how do we do this. It is hard to describe but everything is absolutely connected. To be correct on markets requires the correct view on so many other aspects.

Russia sent planes close to California and Guam just to show the US they can bomb US territory. This is all playing very well at home for Putin. With the economy turning down, people get frustrated and that is taken out on others. The best thing a government can do is find an external enemy. Obama is just brain-dead when it comes to grasping how trends emerge. Whatever he could do wrong, he has done in spades.

Meanwhile, the Philippines police seized a Chinese fishing boat. This is in the disputed South China Sea  in the oil and gas-rich waters that are claimed wholly or in part by six Asian nations. We are seeing tensions rise everywhere.

SHNGHI-M 1-25-2014

The rest of the world peaked in 2007 and is on schedule to decline into 2020. This is the same pattern as the Great Depression whereas the major high in commodities was 1919 and the low was 13 years later at the bottom of the US share market in 1932. This is the same set up with the US and world markets turning point coming in 2020.