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Geometry of Time

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COMMENT: Hi Martin,

What advise would you offer to people, following your teachings, to further enhance their knowledge. Where would you recommend they start?

You recent posts regarding Time is intriguing and as you said is “a mind twister”. It was like an awakening.

From what I took out, at any point of Time we are repeating an outcome that has already come before us. We are repeating events, be it different through our advancements, at all levels of time – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc, and we a destined to be stuck in this closed loop until we truly analysis and understand history and the catalogue of solutions it provides to breakout and further our evolution.

The ECM is truly remarkable. It really does peel back the layers that reveals the hidden order within this chaos called life!

Let’s hope you can continue educate the few on your discovery for many years to come.

Regards Ryan

REPLY: It is remarkable that three of the greatest minds reached the same conclusion about TIME, yet nobody seems to take this subject seriously and continue to bump into sharp objects fumbling around in the dark. Most everyone knows that Einstein proved that TIME is relative, not absolute as Newton claimed. But let someone say we can plot and measure TIME that flows in waves and they cannot see anything but a straight line the same way they assumes the Earth was flat.


All energy moves in a cyclical wave be it light, sound, or life. Yet to get people to comprehend the depth of this simple observation is mind-numbing. I have three teams working right now on three of the four books I am trying to complete. One of these is the Geometry of Time. All I can do is hope this pushes us beyond that threshold of ignorance. For keep in mind, if there is a BUSINESS CYCLE as even Paul Volcker had to admit in his Rediscovery of the Business Cycle back in 1979, then the implications of that is we must learn to live with the cycle as Joseph and the Pharaoh or perpetually make things worse that cause even wars. If we are all connected, then interventions will fail and that means politics must change – it can no longer be vote for me and I will stop the cycle in one way or another.

Other than the writings of those three authors, I really do not know where to advise you to go on this subject. It is strangely a huge void other than discussions of multiple universes and time travel. From a practical use in our everyday lives, no one seems to have yet applied TIME in comprehending our social environment.