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Genius – Thinking Out of the Box

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Thinking out of the Box has always been a pioneering adventure. When it succeeds, it is called Genius – and when it fails, it is traditionally associated with nonconformity. Yet we are at a crossroads where knowledge is about to be put to the Test of Ages where either we remain in darkness presuming the world is flat or we open our mind to a whole new world. Studies of what is actually a “Genius” have shed light on a very interesting behavior profile. Winston Churchill was a nonconformist who was rather independent and rebellious by nature, and failed to achieve any serious academic record in school. Nevertheless, he was widely considered to be a genius because he thought out of the box(Genius thinking out of the box),

Our Berlin World Economic Conference is shaping up to be a very important event, There appears to be TV coverage as was the case in Bangkok. Even the Japanese press interviewed me in Bangkok. Offers to actually teach courses in Asia and Europe are now in negotiation illustrating that we are on a threshold for a New Age of understanding the Business Cycle. The rest of the world is starting to wake up leaving the United States far behind the times which is part of the cycle that marks the Decline & Fall of a Nation.

We as a society fail to ever learn from our mistakes in social science because there is no means to accumulate knowledge. Each generation pays only lip-service to economic knowledge of the past because we remain trapped by Marxism of self-interest that dominates government. The central theme pf Marxism was to eliminate the business cycle by tempering it and suppressing it. This idea led to communism that collapsed in 1989.95 and we are experiencing the collapse of Western Communism known as “SOCIALISM” with the same objective of controlling the business cycle. This is what we face – the reality of the business cycle that includes weather and is beyond the control of man.