GDP of Poland & Ukraine – The Numbers Behind the Revolution

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GDP-Poland Ukraine

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong,

I saw a chart showing Poland’s economy vs Ukraine’s economy since the end of the USSR and it showed that Ukraine’s economy is smaller than 1991. You stated the people of Donetsk have nothing left, but did they have anything to begin with?
It seems the Ukraine’s government was destroying everyone’s saving with or with out this crisis. The key is that value was destroyed. Poland now has an economy twice the size of Ukraine. During USSR days Poland had a smaller economy. The destruction of value leads to insurrection. The CIA did not need to tip this over. It was 25 years of mismanagement. All governments destroy value. So will we see the populace smarten and support small government movements? Or do we have to wait?
REPLY: You are correct. Poland has a population of 38 million compared to Ukraine 45 million. Poland’s GDP is about $489 billion compared to Ukraine at $176 billion. The numbers speak louder than the prejudiced opinions. This difference in economic growth has been the Russian style corruption that has dominated Ukraine whereas Poland has been nothing like Russia. The CIA did not get millions of people to rise up – they were rather pissed-off all on their own and rightly so. It is a shame that the conspiracy crowd ignore human rights and human nature. To them, nothing happens without dark sinister masterminds nobody can prove. It is like every stock market crash hunting for that giant short that forced the market down that nobody has ever found.
Stalin JosephChina boomed with the fall of communism because it left intact the individual spirit of the people. It was the tall poppy syndrome. As long as you did not stick your head up above the crowd you were fine. In the USSR, Stalin murdered countless because he feared what people thought. It was entirely two different types of communism. Communism was replaced by an Oligarchy that was always there in the shadows. That culture is what the people of Ukraine (non-Russians) were rising up against. They were being oppressed by the corruption. You are correct – this was no CIA plot. It was really a grassroots uprising and even the economic numbers prove that. Only those who need sinister groups to control the world refuse to look. They do not comprehend cycles and that human nature swings back and forth in ideas over the centuries unassisted by all-powerful demigods..
Eastern Ukraine was composed of predominantly the uneducated. When the USSR fell, people suddenly owned the place that they had lived in. I do personally know people from Donetsk that are educated whose parents are still there. Their net worth was composed of primarily real estate. What has happened now is classic when society does not survive intact – the fixed assets become worthless. This was the case in Rome. People just walked away from their property. This is why I distinguish between MOVABLE and FIXED assets.
The corruption in the Ukraine government is simply off the charts. If a Ukrainian citizen needs to do anything with their papers, they are forced to fly back. They are then expected to waste months waiting to just renew a passport. You can pay a bribe to have things expedited. The billions of dollars robbed by career politicians was in the tens of billions.
Yes you are correct. This is why the revolution took place – massive corruption. I had 3 staff members from Ukraine. Each from a different region. Back in December I began to report about the corruption in Ukraine and how the people saw the police and turned away. They were seen as the Mafia.
Poland had an educated workforce, On top of that, they had a reasonable working environment. Many people do not know, but Poland attracted many US companies and banks. Many moved their back-offices to Poland. Ukraine was infected with Russian-style Mafia that has dominated society.
Yes we are in a major phase of a rise in civil unrest against corruption that is inherent in all governments. This is part of the separatist moves rising everywhere. Those that push CIA plots are distracting the people from seeing we are in a global new trend. Ukraine rose up because there was no future that way. We are seeing the youth rise up in Southern Europe. More than 50% of the French want to leave France. This is a giant upheaval against government. With the turn in the Cycle of War in 2014, we should see an initial peak in 6 years,