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Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail

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Taibbi Matt
Matt Taibbi is back exposing the deal they snuck under the table for HSBC who got caught money laundering for drug dealers and terrorists. The bankers have been getting away with unbelievable fraud because they have been blackmailing government arguing who will sell their debt if they go down. The days of these bankers are really coming to an end. Once the Economic Confidence Model turns 2015.75, this will begin to look rather grim as they blow-themselves-up once again. Bankers simply follow the money and that is why they always collapse for they have no ethics or long-term strategy. They go with the trend until it takes them down EVERY time.

They can control the New York courts, keep federal prosecutors on a short leash, and they can keep politicians in play with bribes (campaign donations), and they can blackmail the mainstream press. However, they cannot control the press outside of mainstream and includes these days the internet where the majority of the younger generation read – not newspapers.