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G20 Agrees on Worldwide Access to All Information on the Wealth of the Citizens for Global Taxation

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The G-20 summit has made a major decision that will enable the DEFLATIONARY destruction of the World Economy and life as we knew it. From here on out, the control  of all data being collected internationally (including NSA) regarding the wealth of citizens worldwide, will be made available to every member state.Under the cover of terrorism, there is no profit in stopping terrorists. It is all about using them to further power. They are arming and funding terrorist organization in Syria. But if they turn those weapon against the USA, it will get more power.

Ostensibly, this is all about tax evasion in their mind for if they had everything there would be no budget crisis. Indeed, it is important that the community of G20 nations will assume complete control of the financial circumstances of each individual citizen. The summit marks a milestone on the road to full expropriation of citizens. The end is here. This is going to be the worse economic decline in modern history. They are hunting money everywhere and cannot see that they are shrinking the world economy and that means higher unemployment.