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Future Web Conferences

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COMMENT: Martin Armstrong. Hi – I was a die-hard goldbug. You changed me for ever Martin. Thank you. I think you will be remembered as one of the greatest economists of all times.

I am from Argentina and I always read your work.
I am just a white collar bank analyst from Argentina who thought that QE was going to send gold and silver to the moon. I ate all the classic lines made by gold promoters.
You changed my vision for ever.
Since I live in Buenos Aires, I can´t go to the USA . Your teachings are not affordable for third world countries employees who are seeking your financial enlightenment.
What learning solutions do you offer for “third world people” who cannot afford to get a sit with central bankers and stock analyst in the US?
Thanks in advance.
ANSWER: I fully appreciate the issue. There has to be a balance. If the conferences were just a few hundred dollars, they would lose the personal touch of a classroom. About 150 is absolutely the max. But the food costs a few hundred per person alone.
We tried the live feed for the Cycle of War conference. That seemed to go well. No complaints.  So once the computer is up, I will turn to live feeds for short sessions. I am trying. We are even doing the access on a per click basis so you can zoom in on whatever you want without huge fees upfront.