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Fully Invisible Aircraft

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Does the USA have totally invisible planes? Why are they being leaked now?  There has been development of secret planes at Area 51 for decades. Some crashes have even been declassified as reported by National Geographic Magazine.

Videos have appeared since 2009 showing completely invisible aircraft. However, another discovery was made three weeks ago, when two amateur aviation enthusiasts from Texas – Steve Douglas and Dean Maskett spotted an aircraft engaged in Amarillo airport when Douglas a friend in the government called him and told him to pay attention to southeast direction. They spotted three aircraft, flying at an altitude of about 11 km about 30 km away from them. Despite the good visibility, aircraft could not be identified. They could be observed by their contrails.

area-51-invisible 2014

 Mystery aircraft is photographed flying over Texas Photo by Steve Douglass & Dean Muskett

For a few seconds, the aircraft could be seen and the shape was a “flying wing” that resembled a B-2 bomber. The last secret aircraft became known after the elimination of Osama bin Laden due to a technical fault the U.S. Special Forces had to leave behind an invisible helicopter on which they entered undetected to Pakistan.

In this instance, the Pentagon has not commented on the observation other than saying there were no B-2s in that sector. This is probably an intentional partial disclosure that plays into the rising tensions with the new cold war. Previously, the first ever invisible aircraft to radar was the F-117 in the late 1980s. This new observation seems to be invisible to the eye as well.

Will this be coming to the local police to raise money with speeding tickets?