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French Economy Slips Below Even Greece – Last Place in Europe Productivity

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If anything proves that this idea of Socialism/Communism goes against human nature, all we have to do is look closely at France. The idea of Communism actually emerged during the French Revolution. It was an experiment known as the Parisian Commune of 1793. It was the next step in Republicanism where people came together and voted for representatives to run the state. This socialist-commune experiment was the next step where people lived together, but now they shared everything and surrendered property rights.


Communism collapsed because the key to innovation is not central planning, but individualism. Only an individual can see he can fill a slot creating some innovation to benefit from. This is why corporations also die. They die because of bureaucratic boards and rapidly lose that spirit of innovation. They then have to takeover start-ups to recapture innovation. Historically, the mighty always fall. RCA was the rising star in the Great Depression and the scrap bought up by General Electric in the end. Just look at Apple when the bureaucrats got rid of Steve Jobs the company spiraled downward until it was forced to bring him back. Steve Jobs proved that not merely does bureaucratic-like communism fail, but that it’s not that time is money, inasmuch as “innovation” is the key to everything and that springs only from individualism not bureaucratic central planning. The wealth of a nation is its total productivity of its people and that is enhanced not from a central dictatorial state, but by people in the front lines with eyes and ideas.

The heavyweight of the Eurozone is well acknowledged to be the German state. Here is a nation, like Japan, that was broken, yet its innovation enabled it to rise to the top of Europe once again just as Japan rose to the second largest economy from its ashes. France pursuing “social justice” has come in last place in industrial production: France is experiencing the highest degree of economic stagnation in its productivity levels. France has now fallen even below that of Greece.