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Freedom of the Press has been under Assault in USA

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Obama Whit House

Anyone who thinks that we have a free press in the United States just does not understand what is going on. It has been called the Obama Crackdown on the media. Obama has been anti-press perhaps more than any president. On top of this, we have journalists controlled by their editors. Trying to get at the real facts is never easy and increasingly we find the younger generations turning toward the internet as the mainstream press has been dying a slow death.

Press has been under assault in Europe, Russia and of course in Asia. This is all part of governments under economic pressure feeling their power fleeting away. The rising trend of political unrest on a global scale has a lot to do with the declining living standard as taxes rise and government corruption has been exposed everywhere.

The final stage in the fall of Rome was the collapse of the rule of law and the freedom of press/speech. Eventually, as taxes kept rising, people ultimately just walked away from their property. As the state then grabbed it, they found its value also became worthless as people refused to pay taxes on real property. This set in motion the migration out of the cities. The question today, remains paramount – where do we go now?