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France Makes it Illegal to Close Your Company

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Hollande - François-2

Only in France is something so Socialistic-Draconian even possible. The French solution to rising unemployment, they have on Tuesday passed a law making it illegal for any company to close its doors as long as it is remotely profitable. I suppose this prohibits you from retiring and you must live forever while you’re at it. You now have to be absolutely brain-dead to open new businesses in France where it becomes illegal for you to close and even retire. Politicians simply never understand that what they do has two sides to every coin.

Anyone who cannot see that we are headed into a MASSIVE DEFLATIONARY Contraction as far away from Hyperinflation as possible, well I just do not know what more evidence you need. Will this become another great idea adopted worldwide like bail-ins and Argentina’s pension fund seizure? Where is “socialism” different from totalitarianism?