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France – Leading the Way to the Demise of the West – The First to Fall

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Is the sun setting on France? France is the next major country to collapse in the Sovereign Debt Crisis. About 50% of the youth just want to get out. The French Elite are the most Marxist in the world – after all, the entire idea of “Communism” came from France and it was the French elite who sold the idea to Marx.


CBN has produced an excellent TV show showing the French Crisis. I highly recommend you watch this for it explains the extreme danger of the IMF that is controlled by these very people who just do not understand you cannot take everything from those that produce. The French Unions are notorious. It is their way or they react violently and commonly will kidnap the heads of companies.

This is the key to watch in Europe. France will be the next major player to collapse and when it does, capital will begin to look around to see who is next. Japan will follow and then the burden will fall upon the USA.

We will look at the Sovereign Debt Crisis that is brewing behind the scenes at the March 21st Conference.