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France is Pushing For Tax Evasion to be TOP EU Priority – Hitler Returns

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France is just insane. It is a dying corpse lashing out against its own people and taking the rest of the world with them. They cannot see anything but their own view as a government desperately trying to cling on to Marxism. Finance ministers have urged to set new international tax standards and share more data on bank accounts held by foreigners in hopes of getting the French who have left. They cannot comprehend that this road leads absolutely nowhere. What do you do when you have confiscated all wealth, there are no new jobs being created, so what then? Where is the end-game here?
Obama is also desperate to disarm Americans. They have numerous laws against criminals that prohibit them from having guns. These drug dealers that kill kids in crossfires do not go to the local gun shop and submit to background checks. We have plenty of laws against guns and they do not work. Enforce them! Oh, that’s right. They are not the target. What about the last few shootings that involved police? What about the last few shoots by soldiers on Army Bases? Should we disarm the police and Army as well? Those incidents prove you will never stop this nonsense. This is all about getting the law-abiding people and preventing them from using them against government. Let us NEVER forget Lindsey Graham’ speech to give Obama the power to imprison citizens without lawyers or trials. If I were President, I would use Lindsey’s law to imprison him for life without lawyers or a trial and then thank him for that power.

Hitler & Homeland Security
Obama is preparing for a revolution and is determined at least to imprison citizens without any trial or lawyers whatsoever who do not do as he demands thanks to Lindsey Graham’s efforts. These people would destroy everything people fought and died for in so many wars just to hold those reigns of power that are choking society as they are wrapped around our necks. Don’t forget, Hitler also passed laws making it illegal for Germans to have accounts outside of Germany so he could confiscate the wealth of the Jews. He may have named his internal police differently, but they are no different than Homeland Security when our courts enjoy a 99% conviction rate compared to his 90%.