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Forbes Reveals Study that Gold Does Not Rise During Times of Inflation

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Forbes has revealed a study that was published in the Financial Analysts Journal, which examines six different explanations for why gold prices rise and fall. The conclusion is that the assumptions of most investors sold to them by hard-money advocate just do not correlate to the historical data. Gold does not rise during times of inflation, or serve as a hedge against a collapsing dollar. Exhaustive correlations prove those assumptions have been sales-pitches only. Forbes interestingly explained: “The most likely explanation for why gold prices go up is because gold prices are going up.”

The passion behind gold is amazing despite the studies and facts. Any empirical evidence offered is attacked as conspiracy or some other nonsense. Then they slander me saying “I forgot the people who go me out” when it was the Supreme Court ordering the government to explain what they were doing that forced them to end the contempt. I have thanked all of those who supported me. I continued to provide info free. I did not turn my back on my supporters. Yet some of these people are simply mad that I said gold would decline and then accused me that it did because I said so.

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. The coward frowns and is unhappily with events that go against him, blames everyone else for his failures, cowards in the corner fearing the light of day, and clings to ill-founded concepts never reflecting upon his errors or accepting responsibility.


Gold is a market – trade it like it is and you will make far more money than yelling, screaming, or pontificating. Everything rises and falls. That’s just life. You cannot fix the value of money and then everything else floats. Do that and money cannot be fixed. When gold was money, it rose in value only when the economy crashed and declined in purchasing power with rising inflation, It had to or else it was not money. Today, gold is a commodity and a hedge neither against the dollar or inflation – but the collapse in the systemic monetary system but all tangible assets perform that function. Gold is movable where as real estate is not.