Florida Raising Property Taxes

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Hi Martin,

Our local city has just voted unanimously to raise the property tax rate 17.7%. They’re not alone, as many local municipalities in Florida have raised rates. 37 of 39 cities in a four county area have raised rates at least once since the 2007 downturn, according to newspaper reports, one has gone up 61% and is eyeing to take it up to a combined 89% increase. Despite rising values inline with the real estate cycle, the hunt for revenue is heating up on the local level.



REPLY: Municipal governments are broke everywhere. This is contributing to the steep economic decline we see coming 2015-2020. The greater government takes as a proportion of disposable income, the steeper the recession we face.

Government is the greatest evil. They cheat the people, exempt themselves from laws, and take whatever they desire in the name of the public good. We need serious restraints on government for they destroy civilization and create wars.