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Fiscal Cliff – There Ought To Be A Law Against This Shit

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While it is likely that the US politicians will vote now before the new Congress comes in because that was the deal (lame-duck), there is a serious consequence to this sort of crisis management that Congress has preferred waiting to the last minute for everything. When I wrote that the threshold for reporting money transfers was now $3,000, some people said I was wrong. The card when you return to the USA still states $10,000. The problem is that is “physical” movement of cash or securities on your person. Sending money by wire or check that number is $3,000. Was there a separate bill? No! It was hidden in the Patriot Act.

In this budget there are thousands of items nobody has read. They will vote on this bill because it is set up as an intentional crisis. Months ago I wrote that everything was pushed into this time period after the elections and BEFORE the new Congress came in.  This was ABSOLUTELY INTENTIONAL!!!!

Why? Inside are numerous one liner entries that who the hell knows what is stuffed in there. Staff have not had the time to read this shit. This is NOT the way “democracy” is supposed to work. They supposedly “represent” the people but if they don’t have time to read the bill they vote on, that is FRAUD!!!!!!!

Personally, someone should stuff something outrageous in there, it will become law, and then sit back and watch the nonsense. I would stick a one liner in there that ONLY the same sex can marry and make it life imprisonment to have children. Let them all vote on that nonsense and then explain why they do not read the shit they vote on!

We need drastic political reform. NO bill should have any amendments to it that is not directly related to the subject matter. If we ran private businesses they way government is run, everyone would be in jail. How can you say give me your money. My fee will be 5%, and then change it saying sorry I had a very good time on vacation and need more money so you now have to pay 10%. Come on. The real world cannot function the way government operates.

When they claim they will make a $1 trillion dollars in spending cuts, it would be like you gave your child the credit card and they spent $10,000 in a day on clothes. When you ask what the hell are they doing? They respond they saved you $50,000 because they really wanted to buy a car for $60,000. We are NEVER talking about spending cuts that actually save that much money NOW! This is always reducing future spending that they then want a pat on the back for because they only spent $10,000 instead of what they would have done otherwise.

I received a number of emails shocked to read the Speaker of the House need not be a politician. A judge at the SEC is just appointed. There are no qualifications that they even have to be a lawyer. It can be a family member of some Congressman who needed a job just as Barney Frank stuffed various agencies with his family members, The whole thing is one giant mess and this pimple is going to burst and all the puss in government is going to shoot all over the place, This is what happens in a Sovereign Debt Crisis. China & Russia collapsed after 1989.95 because communism bankrupted the state. Economics is always the mover and shaker. It is the great equalizer.