Finland Fines man $60,000 for Speeding

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Finland now joins Switzerland as the most abusive monetary schemes against their own people. Clearly, Finland is not a place to rent a car or visit on vacation.

In Switzerland, they have cameras everywhere and they will give you a ticket for 1km over the limit. They are extremely PRECISE in their fines. But Switzerland fines you based on INCOME.

Well, now Finland joins this insanity making speeding tickets depend upon your INCOME. Any excuse just to shake down the people for loose change.

The man was charged $60,000 for driving 14km over the speed limit. or 8.6992 miles over the speed limit. At least in New Jersey, it is standard “street knowledge” they do not give you tickets until you exceed 10 miles over the speed limit. Someone’s car may not be as precise and the state’s radar. Americans should not rent cars in Europe. They need money so desperately, they are trying every trick in the book to keep grabbing money. They cannot see that this is not going to last forever.