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Feinstein Can Outlaw Any Criticism of Her NSA – But Is She Prepared To Wage War Against the World Who Disagrees With Her?

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Feinstein Dianne (2)

Feinstein is simply 80 years old and perhaps has dementia because her idea of outlawing any criticism of the NSA is not merely reminiscent of Russia in the days of Lenin with his secret police, but it is about as undemocratic as one can imagine. It has now come out that the NSA has been tapping Merkel’s phone since 2002. Spain has now ordered the American Ambassador to appear and explain the US spying on everyone everywhere. Dianne Feinstein is a threat to world political stability like nobody before in recent times. What if she had learned that Stasi of East Germany had been tapping her personal phone and also claimed it was necessary because of terrorism? The real terrorism is not 19 guys and a camel. It is coming from Washington and defended by her office and the target is the entire world.