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Fed’s Exit Tax – IMF Proposal Extend Debt Maturity Unilaterally

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Things are starting to get chaotic. It is very interesting that the Fed is concerned about liquidity in the world’s most liquid market. This dovetails into the IMF proposal. While the IMF is suggesting that government simply extend maturity of government debt unilaterally to prevent liquidation, the Fed is taking another approach and is looking at putting an exit tax to hopefully prevent liquidation voluntarily. This is all about the Sovereign Debt Crisis and behind the curtain, they are scared to death about the seriousness of the banking, municipal, and federal debt insolvency on the horizon in Europe. This is why the EU Commission is pushing hard during the World Cup to federalize Europe.

I have been getting a pile of emails blaming me for these actions arguing that they are listening to me. No doubt they read what we put out – fine. That does not mean anything other than they seem to be aware of what is coming. The media are not reporting it at all. One friend in Europe called a major newspaper and insisted they interview me on the IMF report. Their response – they already read the IMF paper and see nothing to report. The media will NOT explain the facts. Sorry – that is just the way it is.