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European Leaders Mourn Death of the Euro?

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One of our readers made this photo to reflect another aspect of reality. The lack of political free speech in the European financial community led to analysts creating a code word for Greece leaving the Eurozone –  GREXIT. They we forbidden to write about or even mention the possibility of anyone leaving the Euro, so they created a term to hide the subject. This was a common practice in the industry. When they could not complain about the Jewish bankers, they referred to them as the “Sweeds” (no offense meant to either).


The press now is out in force claiming Greece should stay in the Eurozone and if Greece leaves, this will not impact the Euro. All one needs do is look at the market performance to see this is just political propaganda desperate to save bureaucratic jobs in Brussels. Both the Euro has collapsed and the austerity program stripped-mined Greece. The unemployment has soared and Greek youth were forced to leave their own country just to find work. The Eurozone has been a total disaster and the first to leave will do the best.

Of course Greece should leave. Trade is a tiny fraction and the whole idea of the Euro pledging a nations assets to Brussels for loans in a depreciating currency that was the most BRAIN-DEAD design ever created is just insane. Greece should hop-skip-and-jump our of the Euro and sing “Free At Last”. They should leave their debts behind and say they no longer recognize Euro debt and it is yours. Get out of this disaster while you can and run as fast as you can.

IBEUUS-D 1-13-2015

Ministers from Brussels are also lying to the press and the public. They are desperately trying to claim that if Greece leaves, it will suffer and the Euro will remain unharmed. The markets are showing it is the other-way around. Just looking at a chart illustrates the lies.

Keep in mind that we may be the ONLY serious forecasting firm to be correct on the dollar, Euro, and global trend because we do not have to be POLITICALLY CORRECT. There are other analysts with whom I have spoken who are asking if they can join our firm because they are so tired of not being free to tell the truth.

Politicians can lie all the time. They can fool the majority and they can control mainstream media to ensure there is no opposite opinion. But they cannot lie to the markets.