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European High Court Rules Against Google

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Following the ECJ judgment EU citizens may apply for the cancellation of search listings on Google. The verdict triggered a veritable wave of fire fighting applications. Google has received more than 70,000 requests for deletion of their search files, including about 12,000 applications from Germany alone. Overall, it comes to the removal of more than 267,000 links from the search results of the Group. Google’s outrageous lack of privacy for the idea of targeting advertising has had a tremendous impact around the world. This, coupled with handing over this data to the NSA is just outrageous. Google has exposed itself to tremendous liability by retaining this information without disclosure for years. Google could be subpoenaed is countless court cases but public and private when it comes to taxation cases.

Meanwhile, the US government wants to hire people in computer science to prevent them from going to the private sector. Cyber employees of the Pentagon to 2016 are to be increased 300%. Even the FBI wants to strengthen its cyber division with 1,000 cyber agents and 1,000 analysts in the coming year. Demand for security specialists in the USA is now huge. Forget becoming a doctor or a lawyer, computer science is where to go.

The government will support their young talent during their studies. The government program Cyber ​​Corps covers the tuition fees, books, and professional development of students in the field of cyber security. The scholarship also includes a cash payment between 20,000 and 30,000 dollars per year. The amount depends on whether the student seeking a bachelor’s, master’s or a doctorate. The study aid is set at three years. After completing his studies, the Government expects that the graduate will remain for several years in their service.

The business of spying on everyone and assuming everyone has something to hide is indeed a world with no social fiber. This is how society is destroyed. Stalin did this very professionally.turning children against parents and man against his brother until the core of civilization, communication and cooperation, ceased to exist. They are playing with deadly consequences for the future.