European Civil Unrest is Now Widely Expected by EU

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In France, an internal secret report of the French government warns of nationwide civil unrest as the economy simply implodes with rising taxes and higher unemployment. The French people are reported are simply “full of tension, frustration and anger” all because their purchasing power decreases (deflation) in the face of ever increasing tax burdens reported the Deutsche-Wirtschafts-Nachrichten.

Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum is also warning of a major “social explosion” throughout Europe. The crime rate is jumping off the charts, the economy is spiraling into a deflationary and stagnate trend as unemployment exceeds the US Great Depression high of 25% overall (60%+ for youth) causing the social fabric to tear apart at the seams all because of socialism that failed in China and Russia.The more government thinks it can control society, the worse it is becoming. This scenario described at the World Economic Forum has acknowledged that if the European countries fail to curb youth unemployment, there will be a “social explosion” of civil unrest reports the Deutsche-Wirtschafts-Nachrichten.