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Europe will go to Negative Interest Rates

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Rates have been moving lower for it is now widely known behind the curtain that the ECB WILL take rates NEGATIVE in their dire efforts to stimulate this dead corps. Central Bankers cannot comprehend that between FACTA preventing world trade, rising taxes, and NSA really creating reverse protectionism, there is not much on the horizon that looks like anything remotely possible as for a recovering in the world economy that they can influence with interest rates. Once the USA turns negative, we should see pensions go belly-up and float to the surface.

There are too many chiefs and no Indians. People who keep insisting upon there is a secret order in control cannot get this through their head that each component acts independently. FACTA and taxes are Congress, NSA is the bureaucracy, while central banks are incapable of sterilizing what everyone else does. There is no coordination here. The bankers only have interest rates play with. They theory now is to tax you for saving money. Just absolutely astonishing. Dah!