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Europe To Begin Capital Controls Soon

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One of the solid rumors behind the curtain that has sparked even movement of gold supplies as some are now leaving for even Asia, is Europe is moving toward global taxation and is starting a “money laundering” investigation, which means simply people who they think owe taxes. We will begin to see new parties start to emerge as people are beginning to see that Democracy is transforming into Fascism.

The UK Regulators are looking at imposing position limits on all commodities under the pretense to prevent price advances in food and energy. In reality, this is all about money. Cyprus was not in debt as was the case with Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. The Cyprus Crisis took place BECAUSE the banks were defaulted upon at the RESERVE level investing in Greek Government Bonds.

Europe wanted to destroy Cyprus’ banking system. The President of Cyprus flew to Europe and sold out his country. They will hand over ALL historical banking records for this “money laundering” investigation.

Europe is highly likely to now move toward capital controls restricting free capital flows. The Euro will be a dead on arrival currency soon. Anyone who ever thought that the Euro could displace the dollar as the reserve currency must have been smoking something.

Trading volume is about 50% of 2007 levels. USA will begin reporting on positions Europeans have in the USA in 2014. We are in a global meltdown of the free economy. Forget inflation – these people will abandon every promise of socialism and it is rapidly transforming into viewing us as economic slaves to be extorted so they can maintain power and pay the pensions of government employees. Cyprus is arresting and confiscating cash if you try to leave with more than €1000.

France’s demands that Europe ban together to hunt down accounts out of their own country will simply destroy everything. They are so blind to the consequences of their own actions it is just amazing. Exactly what kind of a world are they creating? This is going beyond George Orwell.