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Europe & Hunting Black Money

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COMMENT: hi Martin,

This week I visited my local BNP Paribas bank in Belgium and had a brief chat with the manager.
I told her I have an account at [a Brokerage house]… from where I do some trading.
The reason I went to this broker is that the fees are only $1 per transaction, regardless the volume, on most stocks ….
She was surprised and never heard of this broker which has branches all over the world.
She advised me that I should keep evidence of the money that was sent to this broker from my Paribas account in case I would like to send some money back to any of the accounts I might have.
The government will ask where I got my own money from and would consider it as “black money” and would impose taxes on it + fine, if I cannot prove it was mine in the first place.
Kind regards,