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Europe Considering Mandatory 15% of Wages To be Taken For Pensions

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There will be no HYPERINFLATION. That assumes government sits on their hands and blindly just prints to try to please everyone. They are by NO MEANS nice people. This is about them maintaining power. They put the Euro to a vote, got it, the people will NEVER be allowed to ever vote again. The European Parliament is federalizing Europe from a power perspective, but have no intent of giving anything back to the people.

They have created a bogus study that now claims the South is richer than the North so any further bailouts will be the confiscation of their property. This is invasion of Southern Europe without troops. Perhaps we will go all the way back to Roman defaults – they confiscate your children and sell them into slavery.

They now are playing with the idea that 15% of all wages will be taken by their law for future pensions. Let’s get this straight. I stood up in the March 1999 conference in Japan and warned that the Japanese Postal Savings Fund was bankrupt and that the government would then have to fund all withdrawals. That was the largest fund in the world. It had $1.2 trillion in cash in 1989. I flew there to create a hedging program to deal with that massive size. They followed our models all the way up and wanted to hedge the high in December 1989. We created everything and was ready to go. Then the Ministry of Finance came in and stopped us. They said if we hedged the Nikkei that would make the market go down. It crashed without that hedge. In 10 years, everything was lost because government began to use that fund to support the market. They will do the same with pensions. There is nothing government is capable of doing for the benefit of the people – only themselves. – Thrasymacus was right.


These people are DESTROYING Western Civilization. This is naive nonsense to think there will be HYPERINFLATION. We are headed into the eye of the greatest confiscation of wealth in history. Marx won.