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Euro – ECB – Ukraine

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Euro – ECB – Ukraine



The European Central Bank is doomed. It has not raised rates as I have warned, they are trapped by their own stupidity. Lagarde has confirmed what I reported previously that they would reduce their balance sheet by buying less debt from governments. The sanctions on Russia will not just accelerate inflation, it will have a profound impact as was the case when Russia self-isolated itself following the Communist Revolution when they choose not to deal with corrupt capitalists.


The EUro has been in a Waterfall and the real crisis is that Western politicians know that Ukraine was in fact moving against the separatist provinces. This is the Ukrainian Nazi element that still exists and simply hates Russian-speaking Ukrainians and is employing the same ethnic cleansing they did during World War II. The West is just starting to uncover the truth but once politicians have gone all-in, there is no reversal.


Documents are being leaked by Ukrainians who see that Zelensky is out of control. He is now trying to shame the West into coming in and he knows that will be World War III against Russia. It is starting to smell like he too actually hates Russians and agrees with the idea of ethnic cleansing. This document leaked was CLASSIFIED and is an order by the Commander National Guard of Ukraine confirming that the Kyiv Zelensky regime was covertly preparing an offensive operation against the Donbas region that was scheduled for March 2022. All he has to do is agree to let the Donbas be independent, which was their demand in the 2014 Revolution as well, and then agree to end his claim on Crimea, which was also always Russian territory.

He is putting his people at risk to deny these claims? He is constantly urging NATO and the world to come in and start World War III over these issues where the people are ethnically Russian and not Ukrainian.


With our War Cycle targeting 2023 and we can see on the Monthly Array of the Euro January 2023 is a panic cycle, this is not looking very good moving forward. August is the biggest target ahead and August is often the #1 month for war. Given the sanctions against Russia, it is UNLIKELY that they will ever be lifted. This can only escalate out of control and politically Putin cannot back down. There seems to be no compromise to save the world and this is just our fate.


Meanwhile, the Western powers have used Ukraine to escape all responsibility for the damage they inflicted during COVID. So here we go, and the ECM turning point this time may simply signal the beginning of a trend into 2023 and our war cycle.