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EU To Aggressively Increase Tax Collection

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The Social Democrats in Europe demand that the office of the new EU Commissioner place the collection of taxes very high on the agenda. All governments are going broke and this is the DEFLATIONARY side the hyperinflationists never acknowledge. Those in government only view their crisis through tax evasion and avoidance and exaggerate everything. The are claiming that tax revenue that has escaped within the Member States has reach €2 trillion euros. They do not look beyond the current crisis. They cannot see that their spending increases perpetually and without reform the system collapsed into dust. This is how revolutions erupt. You cannot keep pushing people to the point of economic extinction. This is not the big capital – this is the average person. When you impact the masses, they do rise up as we saw in Ukraine.

Superficially, the EU government will also be targeting US corporations in part which is retaliation for US treatment of European banks with huge fines. The Socialists want to take all citizens under greater scrutiny to ensure more efficient tax collection in Europe. Of course, there is never any discussion of an economical use of taxpayers’ money at the SPD. Governments only see their own needs at the expense of the people.