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EU Politicians See the 2 Greatest Problems – Tax Evasion & Unemployment

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Schulz Martin


Martin Schultz

This is the real problem we face and why we are headed into the worst economic collapse in modern times. These brain-dead politicians just are too stupid to comprehend that the higher you raise taxes, then the less people invest, trade, and that causes the economy to turn down and unemployment to rise. I really do not see how raising taxes will lower unemployment. I cannot even create a chart to show even a hint of such a possibility exists without just forging the data. This is IMPOSSIBLE to reconcile. Only a total moron can think you can fight both separately. (see latest article)

The mystery of life is WHY do people incapable of managing the economy always want to rule the world? This is a real paradox. How can we elect people without any track record? Would you give your life savings to be managed by the guy in the local gas station? How come we require ZERO qualifications to run governments yet we yell and scream at how much CEOs make in big companies? They get bonuses on performance (except at J.P. Morgan) where we pay nothing for politicians, they take bribes, and we get screwed. Who ever came up with such a system? Yanukovich earned 25,000 euros as president yet he had billions. Even his son, a dentist, earned 2 billion last year.

Perhaps if we said ok – we will pay someone to be President and the salary will be 50 million and you will get 50 million bonus if you create an economic boom. Why not! Might be fun.