EPA will soon License a Barbecues and Impose Fines for Cooking

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong,

The insanity continues apace. This is moving towards being beyond belief:




ps – just bought some tickets for the London showing of ‘The Forecaster’ on March 28th. Looking forward to it very much…


REPLY:  As long as you are not a NY Banker, you should like the film. Most in Europe and Russia have been stunned and call it a political thriller.

As far as the EPA, this will be some means to tax and fine people. It is totally off the wall. When a volcano erupts they will often throw more pollution in the air than a decade of driving cars. I really do not understand this insanity. Even evidence from the California Redwoods has demonstrates there are huge fires and a cyclical trend to weather that includes dry and warm periods contrast to cold and wet. Using the redwoods, they have reconstructed a 3000 year picture of the environment with all its cyclical spectacular swings. In fact, man has not polluted as much as he has reduced the wildfires. Consequently, forest environmentalists have actually introduced fire burns in the California Redwoods as they have in Australia for man has stopped the nature cycles of  natural destruction.

So this EPA move is just another example of academics barking loudly to get money to construct stupid studies. This will be used to now charge huge premiums for a grill and no doubt to fine you just like they now go after kids shoveling snow without a license.