Eliminating Democracy – The Seed from Which Revolution Grows

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Be it Europe or the USA, the drive to eliminate democracy is underway. Politicians are doing their best to prevent the voice of the people to have any impact. This is what sets the stage for revolution. It goes hand in hand for when government tries to simply dictate to the people, eventually the whole thing implodes.

In the USA, Boehner tried to dictate to the newly elected Republicans from the Tea Party. There was the introduction upon arrival like at college. The newly elected were told they will vote the party line. The Tea Party people said no. Therein began the crack that will eventually divide the Republic Party in two.


In Europe, the same undemocratic policies are in place. Only the Commission can introduce legislation. Never anyone elected. Newly elected politicians can refuse a proposal from the Commission, as in they did with Mersch  on October 25th, 2012 regarding his appointment to the ECB. His appointment was rejected by the majority of the MEPs. Nevertheless, the EU can still install anyone they like anyway, which is what happened. Effectively, the EU Parliament is no different from the old Soviet Duma that pretended to be a democratic institution. The Duma played only a symbolic role as is the EU Parliament.

This is how government continues to degenerate into oligarchies and dictatorships. This is part of the cycle as people turn away from PUBLIC aspects toward PRIVATE going into 2032.