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Elections 2014 & 2016

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QUESTION: “Will there be a swing far enough to the left to wake people up and blink in 2016? With the ECM turning in 2015 it seems like 2014 elections maybe to soon for awake up to reality but maybe by 2016 we can return to electing real representatives instead of politicians Bill.”

ANSWER: If Obama is successful in getting rid of the Republicans in the House in 2014, he will raise taxes dramatically. The Democrats will take the USA in the same direction as France. They are truly insane. The Country-Club Republicans like Boehner and McCain have to be driven into hibernation. They are half-Democrat anyhow insofar as they would never institute reforming the system because they are part of it for way too long and cannot see what they are destroying from the outside fresh eye perspective.

The ECM must turn down from 2015.75 and that will give us one year thereafter to put political pressure on the system. This is like any market. In order for gold to rise, you MUST first shake the tree. The MAJORITY must always be wrong in order to reverse a market trend. NEVER in history can everyone be buying the low and selling the high. They buy the low to cover shorts, not go long. They buy the high and then bail out with the crash. This is the energy that moves markets. Politics is no different. If the Democrats take the House in 2014, they will go nuts like someone who just won the lottery cannot spend the money fast enough. They will make the extreme (buy the high) and then we will see the collapse going into 2016 where people will start to get off their ass for once. But that does not happen until they lose the TV or the couch. They ONLY respond when drastic change leaves no other choice. We are entering a BULL MARKET for political fragmentation. It is happening everywhere. Even the German elections gave Merkel nearly full power. We may now see the same thing unfold in the USA for 2014.