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Education becoming a Fraud?

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I have reported that over 60% of students cannot find work in the field of their major upon graduation, I have been asked to teach at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. I was shocked in a private meeting they admitted what they were teaching in economics did not work. Nevertheless, they do not tell their students that. I find it more difficult to take someone with an MBA and finance degrees as an employee than simply those who are interested in the subject. The school trained comes with biases that have to be all undone – a huge waste of time and effort on my part. Someone keen to learn th subject is far better to hire than someone with prestigious degrees,

The same is true in law. Those graduating law school are really a dime a dozen. The big firms when they do hire them, treat them like illegal aliens. The pay is less than what they would have earned in another field. Now the Business Insider has published an interview of a 28 year graduate in law who says the same thing that I have been writing about. He feels the school committed fraud telling him he would easily find work based upon their training. A very eye-opening read.