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Economic Collapse is Structural Design Flaw Requiring No Conspiracy

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I think I understand that what you are saying conspiracies are irrelevant because the system is self-destructing all on its own. You wrote: “They do not need some sinister group to orchestrate the collapse of the economy. Politicians screwed that up ensuring its demise without intentionally adopting such a scheme.” Am I correct in my interpretation?

Thank you


ANSWER: Yes. You hit it spot on. When the Euro was being crafted upon this theory of a New World Order where one government would eliminate war, I made it clear that the Euro would fail unless there was a single national debt. They said at that time this was Phase I and that would be Phase II because they did not believe they could sell that idea to the people. Well, Phase II never took place and the people who were there are gone and those in place know nothing about Phase II and this they have to defend the current structure. It will require NO EFFORT of some sinister collapse the system. It will happen without anyone’s help. The US debt structure never paying anything off is the same fatal flaw. The economy will collapse regardless of the desire of any group. Yes these structural flaws could be fixed right now. But that requires government changing and letting go of some power. Hence, the collapse in inevitable.