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Ebola Plague? Stupidity is a real epidemic inside government

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Stupidity is a real epidemic inside government. Now the man who was on a plane from Liberia with Ebola has finally sparked a thought inside government. A rare event! Someone in the State Department suddenly said: Oh shit! We have to track everyone who was on that plane! Dah! Honestly, what moron cannot figure out that when such a dangerous epidemic appears, the country should be quarantined.

They traced aids to a flight attendant on Air Canada, Gaëtan Dugas, who flew from Africa. If the disease made it to the west by plane, don’t you think these people would shut down all flights? These people cannot protect the world and now the U.S. State Department has ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits. These people who want to seize every phone call could not figure out that you have to shut down all flights since that is the way AIDS spread to the West? Honestly – buy your own Hazmat suit for Christmas/Hanukkah.