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Ebola in Spain & Perhaps Greece/Macedonia

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People look from the window of a quarantined hotel in Skopje

Macedonia is now checking for Ebola after Briton dies. They have quarantined the entire hotel sealing it off. They are now sure but are checking for the Ebola virus in a British man who died within hours of being admitted to hospital in the capital Skopje on Thursday.The man had arrived from Britain on Oct. 2 and had been rushed to hospital at 3 p.m. (9 a.m. EDT) on Thursday, where he died several hours later. The man had been suffering from fever, vomiting and internal bleeding.

However, in Spain it is official, one of the clinical assistants who took care of one of two Spanish Ebola patients is also now infected. The Spanish government decided to repatriate those two patients assuring everything was under control because they were following the World Health Organization protocols. As a reader from Spain reports:
“It is on the front page of every newspaper.”