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Earthquakes – Predictable?

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The Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake 5:12 AM – April 18, 1906


Another thing I thought of is I wonder if your models can be used to predict major earthquakes and other similar events?  I understand there has been some good research done that has found a good correlation between them and solar sunspot and other activities.  I follow a YouTube channel called SuspiciousObservers and he makes a good case for it.

ANSWER: Yes. Actually you can probably ask our clients at one of our conferences. We also input that data as well. The computer picked up a correlation that when there was a large earthquake in Mexico City, there would be movement in New York shortly thereafter. There was a Double Earthquake in Mexico back in the mid-80s and that was the lead story on our report for that month. One client open that report and as he was reading it in New York, the earthquake hit.

I was doing a world speaking tour in the late 1980s. I began in Toronto, and was there for a quake. I then went to Vancouver in time for the next quake. I then flew off to Japan and made it there for the next one. I then went down to Australia. I was saying how this earth movement seemed to be following me. I was told, no worries mate. We do not get them Downunder. That night a quake hit and all power was lost for more than a day. I then flew to New Zealand (known as the Shakey islands), so of course the quake followed me. I met with the geological observation team there and told them this thing was following me around the rim of fire. They said oh no. Quakes are not related like that. Within one year, then call me and said, you know, you may be right.

The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake disrupted the capital flows internally within the USA contributing to the 1907 Panic, that created the Federal Reserve and why there were 12 branches to balance the capital flows within the United States. So earthquakes can be very important economically. We found this trend also in ancient Rome where earthquakes disrupted trade, imports, and forced relief projects altering capital flows with the Roman Empire. It was Tiberius (14-37AD) who responded to earthquakes with aid no different than we have today.

We input disease (which is cyclical i.e. the fall flue shots), earthquakes, volcanoes, and weather. The database is truly massive. The only people who collect more data is probably the NSA. This part of the database and forecasting we may open up separately.