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Draghi Emerges from Jackson Hole Stating Germany is Wrong

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Draghi Mario - 1

Mario Draghi, head of European Central Bank (ECB), emerges from Jackson Hole urging what some see as a surprising departure from the economical state imposed by Germany. The flood of money the ECB had not shown, together with the recent austerity measures have not had the desired economic effect. Draghi is now advocating state growth programs and new debt.


Mankind seems to always fight the last war. Europe’s austerity has been imposed by Germany which constantly relived the nightmare of hyperinflation from the 1920s. But Germany is as obsessed with inflation and the USA is concerning deflation. Both fight the last event regardless of the reality. Omitted from the analysis is the fact that the Weimar Government was the result of a communist revolution in 1918 that followed Russia in 1917. What Germany misses here is Russia confiscated all wealth so people would not trust the German government. Nobody would buy their bonds or deposit money in their banks. Without trust, the currency went into hyperinflation.

Germany’s austerity has imposed a massive deflation on Europe combined with Marxist-Socialism, high taxes, and the prospects of confiscating assets and a new 5% tax to pay for defaulting municipals, there is no way a recovery can tax place.

1927-Secret Cental Bank Meeting

Draghi is not yielding to just pressure from France and Italy, but the entire world. We will wrongly see rising interest rates in UK and USA assuming this will help Europe but it will attract even more money to leave Europe. Welcome to the reverse of the secret 1927 central bank meeting.