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Dow Makes New Highs?

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The Dow makes new highs. Sorry: This is an international market NOT simply domestic. The key to REAL forecasting is global NEVER in isolation. You simply cannot forecast ANYTHING in isolation. Now the gurus will come out claiming to have called it as they always do. Just ask how? This model has been unbelievable on a global scale. It is why they would like to shut us down so they can lead sheep to the slaughter. For this to happen, it is part of a global correlation. Each thing is a result of the last. The trend is confirmed by watching the WHOLE. Most press is too in the pocket of government and New York to ever report anything that goes against those interests.

Barron's 06/25/2011

Yes it costs a fortune. But it is worth it.

A reader wrote:

“I want to congratulate you. Nobody said the Dow would move to new in 2011 – only you. Not so long ago you had to address the crazy Elliot Wave people who have always called for the end of the Dow. They did that in 1987 as well. That is when I first heard of you and you were saying new highs then. You are always the only person and you have to fight with people who always say you are wrong. The Dow clearly is not going to 400. I fully understand why you have been the largest adviser in the world. Gold will be just a repeat. Thank you so much for all your efforts in trying to educate the world. If you could set up government to run efficiently for once we would all be better off.”