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Doom & Gloom or Reality

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If I said I was going to punch you in the face, would you just wait for that to happen or would you move and perhaps defend yourself? It is not Doom & Gloom to pay attention and understand how things work. You will not be able to warn someone who does not want to listen until they see it for themselves. In Europe, they see it and live it everywhere. In the States – we ain’t there yet. Guess what! That is also why gold is not yet ready for prime time. This is not about what you “feel” or see yet, this is about what the MAJORITY sees and feels.

Capitol Hill is hopeless right now. This is the extreme of the cycle like Hillary destroying all the evidence that anyone else would be in prison for. That is CRIMINAL CONTEMPT of court and Congress. She knows she can get away with it and is above the law. Not even Richard Nixon destroyed the tapes. What Hillary has done shows just how bad everything has become. This is the same as a bubble in the stock market. Politicians are completely out of control and they exempt themselves from the law. This is the hallmark of total corruption. This is the mark of the extreme high and this is like going into the Japanese bubble for December 1989.

So cheer up and thank God you can at least see the punch coming. It is now up to you to dodge that punch to survive while others will collapse into financial ruin. When I was a kid, one of my father’s friend had money during the Great Depression. He bought up most of the commercial real estate for pennies because people had to sell. In 30 years, he was the real estate tycoon in town.

Knowing when to play and knowing when to fold is understanding the game. You cannot hide. It is far better to understand and survive than to end up with the majority who must always be wrong.